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Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Baba Mahimi's Death and Urs Mubarak (Death Anniversary)


Hazrat Makhdoom Ali Mahimi had passed away from this world on 835 Hijri Jamadil Aakhir (name of Islamic month) on Friday night ie 1431 A.D. Baba Makhdoom was 59 years old at the time of his death. He had been buried next to his mother. The date was "Jannatul Firdous" means the best paradise in the heaven.
After the death of Sufi, one mosque was built dated 1674 British and 1085 Hijri. In 1748 British date and 1163 Hijri date again his dome was built and during the same period the construction was Dargaah was completed.

Urs Mubarak (Death Anniversary)

Urs Mubarak (Death Anniversary) of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Baba Mahimi (R.A.) is celebrated every year at the dargah in honour of the Saint from 13th to 22nd of the month of Madar or December. The Urs is attended by over 3 lakhs of people, mostly from Mumbai and belonging to different religion during the 10 days.

Every year during the Urs of Hazrat Shaikh Makhdoom Ali Mahimi (R.A.) of the Mahim Dargah, the Senior Inspector of Mahim Police Station walks out of the room (ie office of the Makhdoom Baba Sandal Committee of the Greater Mumbai Police.) with a silver Tabuk (a large plate) on his head. The Tabuk is laden with silver utensils, a gold woven Chaddar (large shawl) flags and other ceremonial articals stored in the room. As a police officer marches at the head of procession to the Mahim Dargah, he is followed by colleagues carrying similar tabuks. The first Chaddar offered at the Urs belongs to the Mahim police station. The practice of Police offering chaddar at the Dargah during the Urs started from 1920 when a English Inspector S S E Raymond 'Esquire' headed the Mahim Police Station. Blessed once by the miraculous powers of the Sufi saint who is believed to have live between 1335 and 1360 A.D. Raymond became regular at the Dargah. All the chaadar, herbs, incense, flowers tabuk and many other relics are kept in the office of the Makhdum Baba Sandal Committee of the Greater Mumbai (estd in 1920).

During the Urs, the entire police force in Mumbai contributes for the 'Sandal' or scented offerings to the Dargah. "For 10 days during the Urs, it is a festive season for the police station. The entitre police station is decorated and police officials from all over the city come for a visit." says Senior Police Inspector Shamrao Jedhe of Mahim Police Station. The Inspector also says "There is a story about how the Baba breathed his last laying in the lap of a policemen. But whatever the story of the origin of the practice. The police are now deeply involved in the annual Urs".

On the first of the Urs, normally celebrated in December, the Holy Quran is recited in the senior inspectors room and after the noon prayers(Zohar Namaz), the police procession starts for the Dargah. It is only after the police ceremony that other sandals are offered at the shrine. There are musical programmes in the police station's courtyard.

People, irrespective of their faiths come to the Dargah. Some for good matrimonial matches for their children. Student come to pray for success in examination. The Police also pray here for success in investigating cases. "There is a story that when there is a major crime in the area, the officer investigating the case comes here to pray. The case usually gets solved" says Ibrahim Merchant, a businessmen who lives near the Dargah.

Three main processions with flowers, chadars and perfumes are carried out.
First procession on the first day by Mumbai Police with their families in the afternoon.
Second procession is carried out by Nawab of Janjira on the same day after the police procession.
Third procession by Dargah's trustees on the same night at about 12.00 p.m.